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You'll receive vital services and information not available everywhere else.

Stay Informed

You'll be able to take advantage of educational seminars and meetings which will keep you informed of regulatory issues, impact and other fees and trends that affect your businesses both directly and indirectly.

Be Heard

To make your voice heard with the elected officials and local governments.

Industry Monitoring

You'll benefit from our BIATKC representatives who make it their business to watch over and advocate for the interests of the home building industry.

Professional Reputation

By joining together with our association, your business will benefit from our reputation and be regarded as professional, established and progressive as a result.

Member Advocacy

BIATKC is the unified voice for the Home Building industry on your behalf and issues affecting affordable housing and private property rights. 

Legal Assistance

You'll have access to legal advice from the state/national associations' attorneys on all current issues concerning the industry.

Big Savings

You'll get reduced rates from over 200 products and services from NAHB, NPP and 2-10 Homebuyers Warranty. You'll find savings on Workers Comp Insurance, Car Rentals, Truck Fleets, Building Supplies, Cell Phone Plans etc.

Deductible Expense

Your annual dues and most expenses are deductible as legitimate business expenses. (This number changes with each year. Please call the BIATKC to ask what the amount is this year.)

Increased Networking

You'll meet and network with others in the same profession or trade and increase your prospect base with future customers, employers, sub contractors and/or suppliers. Member networking has been very effective @BIATKC.

Industry Influencer

Become an industry influence by being active in the association through committees/task forces and leadership positions in order to contribute to the progress and success of our local industry.

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You're business, care and concerns will be represented well!